If your company is registered for VAT, then you will periodically have to submit VAT returns.

To find out if you have a return due, you can pop in to the Taxes tab within Ember. Here you will be able to see a VAT Return tile letting you know when your next return is due.

Note: If you're VAT registered, and you don't see VAT in the the Taxes tab please hook up your HMRC account using your government gateway login details where the VAT account is linked. If it is not showing after this, please get in touch.

Once you've clicked inside the VAT return tile, you will be presented with three tabs. Sales, Purchases and Totals.

In the Sales tab, you will find all of the invoices you have raised as a company which are subject to VAT. If you don't have any sales in this period, then this section will be empty.

In the Purchases tab, you will find all of the purchases you have made which are subject to VAT in the given period.

Finally, in the totals tab, you will find the VAT return as it will be presented to HMRC. The main box to consider here is the Net VAT to be paid or reclaimed. This shows you how much you need to pay over to HMRC, or can reclaim from them.

If you're happy with the return, you can scroll down to the bottom of the totals tab and click submit return.

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