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Adding a new supplier as a limited company 🀝
Adding a new supplier as a limited company 🀝

In this article we step you through exactly how to add a new supplier.

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A company or an individual that provides your business with goods or services is called a supplier. We all know that parting with money can be hard but suppliers are essential to keeping your own business going!

In Ember you need to add a supplier in order to input a purchase invoice.

Firstly, navigate to the Purchases tab.

From here click Suppliers, then add a new supplier.

In the next screen populate the data for the supplier you wish to add. As a minimum you need the Legal Name and Email Address. You can also store the account number and sort code for your supplier here for your own reference.

As default Ember assumes that a supplier gives you 30 days to pay, invoices are in GBP and subject to standard rate VAT. These can all be amended as required.

Once done click Add Supplier and you're all done!

Now that you've added a supplier you will probably want to add an invoice. Follow think link for information on adding a purchase invoice.

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