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Adding a purchase invoice as a limited company ๐Ÿ’ต
Adding a purchase invoice as a limited company ๐Ÿ’ต

In this article we step you through exactly how to raise a purchase invoice through Ember from your suppliers.

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  • Limited companies

Firstly, navigate to the Purchases tab. Here you will see a list of all invoices (including those in draft) colour coded as follows:

Orange - meaning the invoice is a draft.
โ€‹Red - meaning the invoice is past its due date.
โ€‹Indigo - meaning it has added but isn't yet overdue.
โ€‹Grey - meaning it's a past invoice that has been paid already.

Adding a new purchase invoice

To raise a new invoice you simply hit the plus button next to add a supplier invoice. At this point, you will be able to add a new supplier if you wish or select an existing one. If you haven't got any suppliers yet, you can follow this article here on how to add them.

After selecting or creating a supplier from the list, you'll be taken to the invoice template screen.

Adding invoice details

The next step is to add the data from the invoice. This should include the Date of the invoice, the Due Date, the Reference and the Invoice Currency. All of the information should be found on the invoice you receive from your supplier.

After this you should + add a new line item to the invoice. Invoices from a supplier may have more than one good or service on it which you may wish to categorise separately.

Here you need to add a Category, a Description of the line item and the Value. You can change the category by clicking in to the category tile.

Also, you are able to adjust the VAT rate and add any notes you wish to the invoice.

After you have updated the above you are able to click add line item which adds this expense to the invoice. Repeat this step to add as many line items as you require for the purchase invoice.

At this point it is worth adding the attachement to the invoice by clicking the + button under attachments. This allows you to safely and securely store the invoice for future reference.

Once you have added all the line items you require then you are able to click Save Invoice which saves and posts the transaction for you. After that, you're all done!

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