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What are Sales?

Income you receive from the sale of your trade goods or services after taking off trade discounts, VAT and other relevant taxes.

What's included?

Sale of your services to other businesses - This could be in the form of a charge to your client per hour or day that you have been working for them. It will depend on the contract you have with them in most cases.

Sale of your products - This could be in the way of charging your clients for providing them goods such as handbags, hair gel or hats.

What's not included

Sales you make on behalf of another company.

Refunds you receive on purchases.

How is it taxed?

This amount is taxed as you show it in your accounts.

Tax tips

The VAT rate you select must be in accordance with the type of product or service you supply. Some products and services are exempt from VAT so make sure you are choosing the correct rate when invoicing your clients.

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