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Categories explained: Rent & Rates
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Includes the cost of renting your office during the period. This could be the cost of a shared office space, such as a desk at WeWork.

What's included

Renting a desk in a shared office space.

Commercial office space leased.

What's not included

Rental of space for personal use - You must be able to prove that you regularly spend time doing your job in the space that you are claiming a deduction for.

How is it taxed?

The value of the expense that is business related is counted as a deduction.

You can claim a flat £6 per week allowance for running a home office or if you work from home on an ongoing basis, you can reclaim a percentage cost of household bills, or create a commercial rental agreement with your company to claim more.

Tax tips

As a contractor be careful with claiming a portion of your home rent as a deduction. You can't just use your home office for a small bit of admin while the majority of your work is done on-site.

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