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Categories explained: Accountancy Fees
Categories explained: Accountancy Fees
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This is the total amount spent by the company on getting its year end accounts prepared or taxes filed with HMRC. Ember is trying it's best to replace these fees so you don't have to spend too much here.

What's included

Fees charged by accountants.

What's not included

Accounting software fees. These go in to software and subscriptions.

How is it taxed?

You can claim tax relief for the cost of the company's accountancy fees.

If your accountant has supported you with any share or property transactions these costs will be deemed to be capital in nature and no tax relief will arise.

Tax tips

VAT charged by your accountant or adviser will depend on the service they have supported you with.

Make sure the portion of the fees you claim as a deduction has been spent wholly on your business affairs, if an accountant provides you with any advice on personal matters, this part is taxable as a benefit in kind.

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