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Categories explained: Marketing & PR
Categories explained: Marketing & PR
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This includes any amount you spend in relation to advertising or promoting your product or brand. This can be offline or online depending on the channel you see as the best to reach your consumers.

What's included

  • Instagram / Facebook / Google / LinkedIn online advertising costs

  • Costs involved in setting up a new website

  • Posters on the London underground

  • Fees for TV or radio ads

  • Costs associated with advertising or PR agencies

  • Paid press releases

  • Bulk mailshots

  • Domain names

What's not included

Software Subscriptions shouldn't be categorised here.

Taking clients or suppliers out for dinner or drinks does not qualify as marketing cost. Nor does event hospitality.

How is it taxed?

You can reclaim the cost of all sales and marketing costs you incur, as long as you can prove they are entirely business-related.

Just be mindful to check that none of them include entertaining costs as these cannot be offset against your corporation tax bill.

Tax tips

You can claim the cost of a sponsorship deal as a business expense, but make sure to distinguish these costs with donations.

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