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Categories explained: Meals Working Late 🍽️
Categories explained: Meals Working Late 🍽️
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In order to claim an expense for meals when working late, you have to make sure you were required by the company to stay late working towards a specific deliverable deadline. If this fits the bill, you can categorise meals such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo in to this category.

What's included

Working lunch and learns.

Late night pizza's for the team when working towards a specific delivery deadline.

What's not included

Dinner with a client or any food related costs that were not incurred when working late.

Personal food bills incurred by employees.

Day to day lunch at your normal place of work.

How is it taxed?

Given the meal cost is reasonable and in relation to working late to meet a specific deadline, the expenditure is an allowable deduction and comes off your pre-tax profit.

Tax tips

Food and drink provided to staff and directors at their normal place of work is strictly a benefit in kind, unless provided to all on an equal and reasonable basis (i.e. tea and biscuits in a staff kitchen). If not, then if each person receives less than £50 of food/drink on each occasion/pro-rated and less than £300 over the course of the tax year no reportable benefit in kind should arise.

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