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Categories explained: Office Snacks
Categories explained: Office Snacks

When you should/shouldn't use the "Office Snacks" category.

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You can't put your personal groceries or any unreasonable expenses on the company, but you can grab snacks such as biscuits, teas and coffee for the office space.

What's included

Snacks, biscuits, fruit, tea and coffee available to everyone at the office.

What's not included

Personal groceries, alcohol or anything too excessive will create a benefit in kind. Categorise those costs in to Staff Rewards, Client or Staff Entertaining.

How is it taxed?

You will get corporation tax relief for the costs of office snacks that are for employees only, but not for anything provided to a client/target.

Tax tips

Where snacks provided to employees exceeds a reasonable level, it becomes an employee reward and must be reported on the company PSA or employee's P11D.

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