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Categories explained: Training
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You are allowed to record the amounts you pay for training courses in order to aid the development of your staff. Just make sure that these courses are relevant to the industry in which you operate your business.

What's included

A coding workshop for a developer.

CRM training for a salesperson.

Innovation courses for strategist.

What's not included

A training course for an employee that doesn't relate to their specific skill set in the role that they are performing.

How is it taxed?

If deemed an allowable expense, the amount will come off your pre-tax profit.

However if you pay for training in something that is entirely unrelated to your trade (for instance you sell beauty products but you pay for training in skydiving) then no tax relief would be available and it would be considered a benefit in kind.

Tax tips

To get tax relief there must be a business purpose for the training.

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