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Refunds from a supplier

This article will help you understand refunds from a supplier and how to record this Ember

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It is very common for you to receive a refund from a supplier. There are many reasons why this can happen.

  • The product might be received late

  • The product might be damaged

  • The product might not come

  • The product might be overcharged

  • You might receive a discount for a product

If this happens, it is very important to report this in your accounts so this can be reflected in your end.

How do I do this on Ember?

First, go to purchases

Then, go to either add new supplier or pick a supplier you already have used

Then, if you need a new supplier, just fill the different sections.

Then, you can add an invoice and click on the lever to put it in as a refund

Then, go to add new line item and pick the category of what the expense is. Type in what the item is then put the value of the item in with the correct currency. Pick which VAT rate the item falls under and any other notes you may wish to add.

Finally, once this is all done, Save Invoice

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