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How to register for VAT Online
How to register for VAT Online

This article will take you through how to register for VAT through your online HMRC account.

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To get registered for VAT, please do the following in your online Government Gateway account:

  1. When logged in to your account - Hit get online access to a tax, duty or scheme:

  2. Select VAT from the list

  3. Select which VAT scheme you’d like to register for:

  4. Select “No” if you do not have a VAT number already

  5. Next you’ll have to do a quick questionnaire to determine whether you can register online or not

  6. Once you’ve finished the questionnaire and HMRC have deduced you are eligible to register for VAT, you will see this screen:

    image.png (1600×1002)
  7. Select VAT from the list

    image.png (1570×976)
  8. Then select that you are a Limited Company

  9. Then select that you are making or intending to make taxable supplies

    image.png (1566×1282)


image.png (1134×314)

Registration summary section

  1. Then follow the process of completing the VAT registration by filling out all of the information that HMRC request.

  2. This first section is used to fill out the appropriate information to do with you as the director of the business – such as your name, address and your contact details:

  3. This second section is used to fill out the appropriate information about the business such as the businesses address, name, and its contact details:

  4. The third and final section asks you to fill out the reasons as to why you are registering your business for VAT. You'll need to describe why you are registering for VAT, as well as what your business does, how much your supplies are worth, your business bank account and how frequently you will be doing VAT Returns:

  5. In this part, tell HMRC if...

  • In the last 12 months or less, your taxable turnover of the business has gone over the VAT registration threshold,

  • Whether in the next 30 days will you expect the taxable turnover to go over the VAT registration threshold

  • and if there was any time in the past that you expected the taxable turnover to go over the VAT registration threshold in the following 30 day period.

  • In this part, disclose whether you would want to continue doing the VAT registration or not based on the answers to the previous question – Primarily for if you have said you're actually below the £85k mandatory registration threshold. You can choose to continue if you want to voluntarily register:

  • In this part, describe the activities of your business:

  • For this part, add the total value of taxable turnover of your business for the next year, the value of taxable turnover that is zero rated in the next year. Also you will be asked if you expect the VAT on purchases will regularly exceed the VAT on supplies as well as if you will sell your goods in Northern Ireland or if you will be importing or exporting goods from or to other countries.

  • In this part, you can pick which scheme you would like to be under. Click on this link here for more information about The Flat Rate Scheme.

  • In this part, just add your business bank account details and it's important to make sure that the name of the account is the businesses name - So for example Your Company Name LTD

  • In this part, you can choose the frequency of the VAT returns and when you'd like to lodged them:

  • Finally, you will need to add Photographic ID evidence, Secondary ID evidence - 1, Secondary ID evidence - 2

  • Once this is done, go through your answers again in case you made a mistake then it will go through and you will get a reference code.

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