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How to save Corporation Tax - what expenses can you claim
How to save Corporation Tax - what expenses can you claim

Tips and tricks to save Corporation Tax. suggestions for lesser known expenses you can claim.

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Corporation Tax is the tax due on business profits that Limited companies are required to pay to HMRC every year. Tax of 19% is applied to these profits and you may be wondering how you can reduce this burden. Below I have listed some of the best and lesser known ways to reduce your Corporation Tax:

- Salary is a tax deductible expense, so as well as being tax efficient for the majority of directors to take a small salary out of the business you will also receive Corporation Tax relief.

-Pension contributions can be paid through the limited company directly to a SIPP(Self Invested Personal Pension). You can normally contribute up to £40,000 a year into your pension as well as being able to carry forward unused pension contributions for the three prior years. This can make a significant dent to your Corporation Tax bill. Its worth discussing with an Ember accountant first as to the best amount to withdraw.

-Christmas parties are also claimable. This is even for companies with one director. HMRC allow you to claim £150 per director plus another £150 for a plus one. In reality this does not need to be a Christmas party but you can claim up to £300 for an event and claim tax relief on this. Please categorise as other small expenses.

-Trivial benefits - As a director you can claim for trivial benefits of up to £300 per year. Each benefit has to be £50 or less. We would recommend claiming for a voucher of your choice for £50, six times a year. Please categorise as other small expenses.

-Out of pocket expenses - Ensure you are adding these to your expenses section in Ember. These will attract tax relief and you can then reimburse yourself from the business account.

-Medical health check up's once a year are claimable as an expense. However any treatment required would not be unless the treatment directly relates to an injury or health issue relating to your company.

-Eye checks are claimable as are a pair of glasses assuming these are being used wholly and exclusively for business purposes

-Use of home can be claimed. HMRC currently allow £6 a week to go through as an expense for using your home for work.

-Relocation costs - If you are relocating due to your business I would advise discussing with an accountant how much you can claim.

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