In this article we will dive into the Settings tab within Ember and what it includes.

Here we store important information about your business, which we need to help everything run smoothly.

Within the section, there are several important s.


Please add your business name, description of what you do and your address here. You can use your own name if you don't have a separate trading name.

Please also select the industry that you work in.


Last invoice number used - Here, if you are a business that has used a different system for sending. invoices, you can enter the last invoice number that you used. If you have not yet traded, then you do not need to enter any information here. Remember you can only change this before your first invoice is sent.

Payment information - Here you will find all of the details for your bank accounts that are linked with Ember. You are able to select here the default account that you'd like to be paid into when your clients make payments for your invoices. They will appear at the bottom of your invoices when you send them out.


If you are VAT registered, please enter the information that is required here, including your VAT number and which VAT scheme you are a member of (Standard or Flat Rate).

If you are not VAT registered, then you can simply ignore this tab.

If you would like to be VAT registered, please reach out to a member of the support team and we can help chat you through which scheme to consider.


If you're using Ember to run your payroll, please review the separate Payroll Onboarding article for more information on what to provide here.

If you are are not registered for payroll, the article will also show you how to start this process if you're keen to start hiring staff.

Billing/Upgrade Your Plan

If you are looking to continue with Ember past your free trial or wish to get access to on-demand support from the free plan you can upgrade here. Or if you are already a paying customer, you can update your card details/billing information from this section.

Perks & Benefits

If you're on the free plan you'll have to upgrade to get access to our killer perks which you can find a full list of on the website here.

If you're on the paid plan, you can access the perks and benefits directly from the app.

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