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I can't see my next VAT return in Ember
I can't see my next VAT return in Ember

Common reasons why your VAT return would not be showing in Ember

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If your VAT returns are not showing in Ember, there are some common resolutions to try.

HMRC Account Not Connected

In order for us to submit your returns, we will need the account attached that has VAT registered to it. Please check out our article here on how to hook up your HMRC account if you have not done so already.

HMRC Account Connected

If your account is connected, but not showing your VAT returns, then the most common reasons for this are either:

You have linked your personal account instead of your business account

In this situation, please swap out the accounts from your personal account to your business account.

Your VAT is not linked to this government gateway ID

To link your VAT account to your government gateway account, simply sign in to your account and then click manage account in the top banner. From here you should be able to add a new tax or service, and then follow the steps to add your VAT account.

Your VAT number has not been added to the settings tab

Please head to the settings tab, into the VAT tab and add your VAT number here.

You have recently registered for VAT

If you have recently registered for VAT, or are awaiting registration then your VAT returns will not pull through until you have confirmation of your registration and a VAT number.

Your VAT account is connected to another government gateway ID

The only way to correct this is by calling HMRC using the number here. They are able to verify where the VAT account is connected and transfer this over if needed. This can happen if you are switching accountants (and they set you up a government gateway which has been lost) or you have lost access to the account you set up for VAT.

You do not currently have any VAT returns due

To see whether this is the case, please log in to your government gateway account and navigate to the VAT section. Under Your returns it should clearly state whether or not you have any returns due.

Disconnect and reconnect

If you have completed all of the above steps and the return is not pulling through, please disconnect and reconnect your HMRC account in the manage section.

Still having issues?

If you are still experiencing issues after trying the above, please get in touch with support.

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