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Delegating access to Smart Pensions
Delegating access to Smart Pensions
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If you're running a pension scheme with Smart Pensions then you will need to submit contributions schedules when submitting each pay run.

Ember's payroll function integrates with Smart Pensions, but there are a few steps to follow first.

Delegate access to Ember

  • First up, please delegate access to Ember to the [email protected] email address

  • You can do this by following the instructions provided by Smart Pensions here

Setting up a worker group in Smart Pensions

  • if you haven't done so already, you will need to set up a group in Smart Pensions

  • these are optional with Smart Pensions itself but are required for the integration to work

  • there is a link here on how to get these set up in Smart Pensions

  • if you don't want to split the employees you can just create one group for everyone

Link up your account with Ember

  • this requires some assistance from our support team. Please let us know when you have completed the above steps and we can complete this step for you

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