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Purchasing a laptop through your limited company
Purchasing a laptop through your limited company

Can you purchase a laptop through the company and what is the VAT impact?

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Especially with the move towards homeworking, you may find yourself in need for a fresh new laptop to complete your work on.

Assuming the laptop is purchased by your company this is something which you can claim as a business asset.

This should be categorised as an asset either in Computer Hardware or Furniture and Equipment.

We will ensure we get your tax relief when completing your tax return, this will either be 100% tax relief or 130% super-deduction relief.

In relation to VAT:

Flat rate scheme - if the asset is more then £2,000 you can still reclaim the VAT by selecting "Capital Purchases (20%)" as the VAT type.

Standard scheme - You can reclaim the VAT paid as normal on your VAT return. Please ensure when approving the transaction that Standard rate VAT has been applied to the transaction. This will ensure this feeds onto the VAT return.

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