First up, we're sorry you're having issues here. Hopefully, this article below provides some useful tips on what to try next.

Clearing the cache and cookies

A common issue here is that sometimes there is an issue with the cache and cookies stored in your browser preventing the connection.

The thing to try first would be:

  • open a different browser to the one you are using (or an incognito window in chrome)

  • navigate to

  • login to your account

  • go the manage section and click add a connection

  • follow the connection flow

Still having issues?

If there is still an issue after this, please get in touch with the team providing the following information:

  • The browser you are using

  • The device you are using

  • Any screenshots of the issue

  • Your SessionId - this is really helpful for letting us get to the bottom of the issue

Finding your session ID

The session_id can be obtained after selecting your bank but before providing consent. See the screenshot below.

Please note we will need the session_id before you try to connect your bank here.

For example:

  • please go to manage

  • add a connection

  • choose your bank account

  • obtain the session_id

  • try to connect your bank

  • if successful - no further action!

  • if unsuccessful - please provide the support team your session_id and a description of what happened

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