Will the integration work for me?

For the Stripe integration to work, you must be using Stripe's invoicing feature as opposed to just using Stripe as a payment processor.

For example, if you are using Stripe invoicing for your subscription business, or raise invoices in Stripe which are sent to your customer then the integration will work for you.

If you run a website and use Stripe as a payment method at checkout, but these payments do not relate to a specific invoice in Stripe, then the integration will not work.

If you're unsure, please get in touch with support via chat!

What the integration does

The Stripe integration does a few things to make your life easier.

  • Automatic creation of invoices within Ember matching your invoices from Stripe

  • Automatically creating all your products from Stripe within Ember

  • Automatically creating all your clients from Stripe within Ember

  • Automatically posting journals in Ember to reflect the platform fees that are deducted by Stripe

  • Automatically reconciling and matching payouts from Stripe to the respective invoices

How to get set up

Firstly, you would need to hook up your Stripe account in the manage section.

  • navigate to manage

  • click add a connection

  • search for Stripe and select Stripe

  • from here you will be redirected to Stripe to connect up your account with Ember

  • after this point, Ember will sync with Stripe (similar to a bank connection - this may take a few minutes!)

What happens next?

  • The invoices that are in Stripe are synced to Ember

  • The products that are in Stripe are synced to Ember

  • The clients that are in Stripe are synced to Ember

  • Your payouts from Stripe are created as journals in Ember to account for platform fees, and allocating the payments to each invoice

What do I need to do

  • Almost everything is done for you with the integration except for reconciling the bank payment transaction

  • You would need to reconcile the payouts from Stripe that hit the bank account to the payouts from Stripe category

What is done for me

  • Ember posts the journals in the manual journals tab to mark invoices as paid

  • Ember posts the journals in the manual journals tab to account for the fees deducted by Stripe

Things to note

  • the stripe logo next to an invoice, product or client means it raised in Stripe and integrated with Ember

Have any more questions?

If you are unsure then please reach out to our talented team of qualified accountants who are always on hand to offer expert advice as and when you need it.

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