Ember's bulk categorisation feature is here!

How you use this depends slightly on if you are a sole-trader or a limited company.


Currently, bulk categorisation is only available for sole traders on their attached business bank accounts.

To use the feature:

  • select applicable transactions using the checkbox


  • By selecting categorise you are able to bulk-edit the selected transactions to your preferred category

  • simply search for the appropriate category, and then select this category which will change all of the affected transactions

VAT Rate

  • From here you will be able to change the applicable VAT rate for all transactions selected

  • After selecting the new VAT rate you are then able to click select VAT rate


  • Lastly, once you are happy with the transaction's category and VAT rate you will be able to approve these in one click!

Limited Company

To use the feature:

  • Head to your transactions tab

  • Open your transactions to review

  • Use the search function to find similar transactions by description

  • Click the three dots in the top right-hand corner

  • Select multi-select

  • select applicable transactions using the checkbox

Have any more questions?

If you are unsure then please reach out to our talented team of qualified accountants who are always on hand to offer expert advice as and when you need it.

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