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Completing your self-assessment with Ember
Completing your self-assessment with Ember

How to complete your self-assessment within Ember

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To complete your self-assessment with Ember, you should first navigate to your "My Tasks" tab.

Once you are in the "My Tasks" tab, you should select and click on "Self-Assessment" from the top right corner drop-down list.

You should then click into the tile titled "Self-Assessment for 2023/24" in order to complete the relevant questionnaire that you will need to submit to us.

A note if you haven't registered for Self Assessment, the tile you will be presented with here will be titled "Self Assessment registration deadline for 2023/24". Please click on the tile to proceed with registration.

Once you have clicked into the "Self-Assessment for 2023/24" tile, you will be presented with a screen showing you all the relevant sections for a self assessment.

You should select any of the sections relevant to you as indicted in the screenshot below and then click "Continue".

From there, you will be presented with a screen that asks you to fill out the relevant information for each section you selected on the previous page. Continuing with the example used above, you can see on the screenshot below that each of the sections selected previously have appeared for me to fill out the required information:

When clicking into each section you will see a pop up box appear that will easily allow you to fill out the required information in a simple, straightforward way. An example of this pop up box has been attached below - this corresponds to the "Personal UTR Number" section.

When a section has been successfully completed it will turn green:

Once all the sections have been fully completed, you should then select "Proceed to payment" which is displayed at the bottom of the page you have been filling out so far.

(Please note: If you are on our Sole Trader Unlimited Yearly plan this part doesn't apply to you).

If at any point you have any questions about filling in your self assessment questionnaire, you can reach out to our dedicated support team who will be happy to assist you with any queries. There is a button displayed above the "Proceed to payment" option which looks like this:

You can also reach out via Intercom in the bottom right hand corner of Ember as usual.

What happens next?

Once you have filled out the self assessment questionnaire and made the required payment, the answers you have provided will come through to our expert accountant team.

The self assessment return will be completed by one of our accountants who will reach out to you if they have any further questions. If they don't have any questions, you can expect to hear from them prior to us filing with HMRC to ensure that you are satisfied with what is being filed.

Any relevant advice (if applicable) will be given at this time and you are, of course, free to ask any questions as well.

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