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I have already submitted my Corporation tax return
I have already submitted my Corporation tax return

How to remove reminders for previously submitted Corporation tax returns

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As a default when signing up to Ember, the platform will prepopulate the deadlines that it expects you to have coming up.

It can sometimes be the case that you have filed or paid what is required prior to joining Ember. In which case you will be able to dismiss the reminder.

Take the Corporation Tax return reminder for example.

In the Taxes section you might notice a reminder to submit your corporation tax return.

If you have already filed this return, simply click into the tile and you will see the following screen. From here you can click 'Mark as filed outside of Ember'.

You will be asked how much the amount to pay was, after confirming the amount and clicking continue the reminder will be dismissed.

If you did this by accident, or later remember you have not filed this yet. You can simply select 'Unmark as filed outside of Ember'.

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