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Registered Office Service - Hoxton Mix
Registered Office Service - Hoxton Mix

Information on Ember's registered office address service.

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To cater to the needs of our clients Ember has collaborated with Hoxton Mix, renowned for its expertise in virtual office solutions, to deliver a top-notch registered office address service. Whether to protect your privacy or project a more professional image to your end clients, we've got you covered! This article will provide an overview of this service and its benefits for you!

Firstly, the address itself, situated in the heart of London would be:


Paul Street



Hoxton Mix will proceed to scan & email any government related post (such as that from HMRC and Companies House) directly to an email address of your choice, bypassing the need for any post to be sent to us first to forward onto you. Please note that this does not include the handling of any physical items, so these would need to be sent directly to your home address; any cheques received, however, will be posted to your forwarding address.

The cost for the service is £19 + VAT per month (£228 + VAT for the year), or you can save 35% if you pay annually at £149 + VAT. This also includes a correspondence address for all directors and PSCs to shield your home address from the public register.

If you want to save even further, the registered office address service is included for free on our Unlimited annual subscription. Upgrading will also get you access to other great benefits included in the plan, such as annual accounts filing and regular video chats with an accountant. 🚀

If you are interested in joining the registered office address service please reach out to our team via the intercom icon in the bottom right corner of Ember and we'll be happy to assist you!

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