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How to book an accountancy call
How to book an accountancy call

How to book a call with our expert accountant team.

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At Ember, we understand the value of personalized support when it comes to managing your finances. Our team of expert accountants is here to assist you, whether you have questions about tax planning, financial reporting, or any other accounting-related matter. In this article, we will walk you through the process of booking a call with our accountants based on your subscription plan.

Booking a Call on the Starter or Pro Plans

If you are subscribed to Ember's Starter or Pro plan, we provide a convenient way for you to book a call with our accountants. Follow these simple steps to get the assistance you need:

  • Chat to an Accountant Button: When you log in to your Ember account, you will find a "Chat to an Accountant" button located in the bottom left corner of the Ember interface. By clicking on this button, you will be connected to a page where you can book a call with one of our expert accountants.

  • Booking a Call via the website: Alternatively, you can book a call directly by visiting the following link. Here you will find a dedicated page where you can provide your details and select a suitable time slot for the call. Our team will then confirm the appointment.

Booking a Call on the Unlimited Plan:

Ember's Unlimited subscription plan offers an enhanced level of service and support as part of the package. If you are on this plan, please follow these steps to book a call with an accountant:

  1. Reach out to our team via Intercom, our integrated messaging platform.

  2. Send us a message detailing what you would like to discuss during the call. Provide as much information as possible to help us assign the most appropriate accountant for your needs. Our team will promptly respond to your message and arrange a call at a mutually convenient time.

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