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Does Ember support Pleo?
Does Ember support Pleo?
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If you are a user of Pleo, or you're thinking about using it, then this article is for you. We will discuss whether Ember integrates or supports Pleo & how you can track your business expenses in Ember.

Does Ember support Pleo?

Ember is intended as a stand-alone, complete solution for your accounting needs and does not currently support or integrate with Pleo.

If you currently use Pleo to track your business expenditure, please read on to see how you can do that in Ember.

How to track my expenses in Ember

You can easily track your business expenditure in Ember once your business bank account is connected. Any transaction paid for through that account will automatically feed through to the "Transactions" tab twice per day.

Any business transactions paid for on a personal card, whether the card belongs to an employee or a director, should be added into Ember via the "Expenses" tab.

If you need to reimburse any expense personally incurred by either a director or an employee, you can do so via bank transfer from the business account to the personal account of the person who incurred the expense. You will need to categorise that transaction as "Money Business owes to Director" so that the balance nets off against the expense that was added.

You can also easily add receipts to Ember whether they're digital or on paper! You will need to take a photo of any paper receipts to add it into Ember. Once you have the file, you can simply drag and drop it on to the relevant transaction in Ember. Please note, there is no requirement to do this so long as you have your receipts stored somewhere.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions you can reach out to our dedicated support team via Intercom in the bottom right corner of Ember and they will be happy to assist you.

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