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Removing an employee who is leaving
Removing an employee who is leaving

How to remove an employee from your payroll on Ember when they are are leaving

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At some point as an employer, you may have need to remove an employee from your payroll.

In this article we will discuss how you should do that in Ember.

Removing an employee who is leaving the company

If an employee is leaving the company for whatever reason, please reach out to our dedicated team of accountants as we will need to take some steps in the payroll software to properly remove the employee from your company payroll.

When you reach out, we will need the following information:

  • Which employee is leaving

  • Their final date of employment

  • Any final payments (e.g. holiday pay due).

Once we have that information, we'll handle removing the employee from your payroll for you including issuing the P45.

After that month's pay run has been filed, the employee will no longer appear on the main payroll tab but you can still find them under "Payroll > Employees > Past Employees" if you need to.

Long Term Leave

As a director, you may want to forego your salary for a set period of time. You can do this without the need to remove yourself as an employee.

There could be many reasons that you choose to do this but let's take the example of a seasonal business. For a set period of time throughout the year, the business may not be trading at all. During this period, it's common for directors & employees to not be paid a salary.

Instead of removing yourself or any employees from the payroll and then having to add them back later, you can save yourself time & additional admin by simply setting the salary to nil during this period.

Your pay runs will still file automatically through Ember each month to make sure you're keeping up with your obligations however, there will be no salary due once the payroll is set to nil. When you're ready to open your business again, you can simply add the salary back for yourself & the employees who return when the business reopens.

Any more questions?

Please reach out to our amazing accountancy team via Intercom if you have any further questions on this topic and we will be happy to assist you.

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