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Ember reports

Article showcasing Ember's new reports tab and how to use it!

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Getting started

All your financial reports are accessible by selecting Reports from the main menu.

You can select the specific report you’re looking for from within Reports.

See the full process broken down with screenshots here or alternatively continue reading:

Dates and accounting periods on reports

Most reports use your business’s accounting dates. These might be your financial periods if you have a limited company or tax years if you’re a sole trader.

The report displays the date range it uses at the top left.

You can change the date range using the right-hand side filter. Additionally, some reports allow you to enter Custom Dates.

Headline figures

Some reports provide you with a single figure. For example, your Profit and Loss report will tell you how much profit or losses your business earned in the selected financial period.

When a report boils down to a single figure, it displays this figure as the headline figure.

How it’s calculated

This is where you’ll find how we’ve calculated the headline figure, breaking down all the items that go into the calculation. Where applicable, you’ll see options to drill down further.

Drilling into and expanding figures

Reports generate figures from underlying transactions and their associated accounting entries. You can generally expand figures, drill into them, or visit another report that uses your figure as its headline.


Figures with the downward-pointing chevron will expand to show the calculations within the same page when you click on them.

Drilling into and visiting other reports

A right-pointing chevron on a figure indicates you can drill into it to view underlying transactional data or another report explaining the figure’s calculation.

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