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My Tasks

Ember's My Tasks tab explained

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My Tasks

My Tasks is your personalised go-to guide for staying on top of all your business’s financial obligations. We’ll let you know when things need to be done so you can focus on your business.

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Feature overview

My Tasks presents a curated list of critical tasks for the smooth running of your business and financial health. This feature is tailored to your business structure and accounting dates, displaying relevant tasks for limited companies and sole traders.

Tasks for limited companies

As a limited company, staying compliant with financial regulations is essential. My Tasks will assist you in keeping track of and completing the following:

  • Day-to-day transaction categorisation: maintain financial clarity by categorising transactions as they occur.

  • Companies House tasks: file your annual accounts or your confirmation statement

  • HMRC tasks: file your Corporation Tax Return and pay it.

Tasks for sole traders

For sole traders, My Tasks focus on personal tax obligations and financial organisation:

  • Day-to-day transaction categorisation: maintain financial clarity by categorising transactions as they occur.

  • HMRC tasks: file your Self Assessment return and make payments on account or balancing payments towards it.

How it works

Accessing My Tasks gives you tasks tailored to your business structure, accounting periods, and deadlines. These tasks are a proactive reminder system to inform you of upcoming deadlines and obligations. Here’s how to make the most out of My Tasks.

Understanding tasks

Every task comes with a title to identify the activity or action required, a description for additional clarification, and a due date with a countdown to show how much time you have to complete it.

Stay up to date

The tasks listed here remind you about some day-to-day activities you should perform to maintain accurate and up-to-date records. By staying on top of these tasks, you can be sure you’re always looking at the most up-to-date version of your business’s records.

High priority

You should take action on all the tasks listed here first. These tasks are already overdue. These tasks will also appear on your Dashboard to highlight their urgency.


All other tasks are listed here. It would be best to watch these upcoming tasks to ensure you’ll have enough time to take action when the time comes.

Completing tasks

To assist in completing tasks, they will often link to another page within your account—like a report or additional content that explains the following steps—or to a third-party site, such as HMRC or Companies House.

Ember can automatically identify the completion of some tasks, but others must be marked as done manually.

You will need to manually mark the following list of tasks as done by selecting ‘Mark as Done’ on the report the task links to:

Limited companies

  • Corporation Tax return

  • Corporation Tax payment

Sole traders

  • Self Assessment return

  • Self Assessment balancing payment and 1st payment on account

  • Self Assessment 2nd payment on account

Tasks are there to remind you what to do next, so keeping them up-to-date with your latest activities will help you get the most out of the functionality.

For other tasks, when Companies House receives and lists your documents, such as annual accounts or confirmation statements, for public record on their website, the related tasks will automatically move to done.

Done tasks

When a task is complete, it no longer appears within Todo and moves to Done. You can manually undo tasks marked as done by selecting the completed task and following through to the underlying report. The underlying report lists related tasks and allows you to update their status using the “Mark as done” and “Undo” actions.

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