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Our AI Bot explained
Our AI Bot explained

How to use the AI Bot on our chat service

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We appreciate that the different options when first coming into the chat can seem intimidating at first - this article explains how to use the different flows, allowing you to connect with the correct team for your query.

When you first come into the chat, you will be greeted with a message from our AI bot, Fin. You should then ask your question.

If our AI bot is able to assist with your question, it will provide you with an answer. From here, you will be given two options 'That answered my question' and 'Talk to a person'. Please select the correct option.

Please make sure to select from the options you are presented with within 15 minutes, or the conversation will automatically close. You can re-open the conversation by sending another message.

If the bot wasn't able to help, you will then be presented with the options pictured below. Please select the relevant option to get routed to the best teammate to help you.

What falls under Account Management?

The account management option is for any data change requests, such as:

  • Changing your email address

  • Changing your login to the google flow or vice versa

  • Change/update the director's name

  • Change/update your company name

  • Remove payroll from your account

  • Remove Stripe data from your account

  • Delete your bank account connection

  • Data export needed

What falls under Additional Services?

This includes the services we offer to clients outside of their subscription, such as:

  • Registered Office Address Service

  • Confirmation Statement Filing

  • Bookkeeping Services

  • Payroll Registration

  • VAT Registration

If you need more help using the chat, please get in touch with our customer support team by clicking the intercom button at the bottom right of Ember or emailing [email protected].

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