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Reviewing and submitting your pay run
Reviewing and submitting your pay run

Information on how to review your pay run within Ember

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This article covers what you need to know to review and submit your pay run within Ember. It will cover:

If you're not yet set up for payroll, please head over to our Payroll Onboarding article first.

Reviewing a pay run

Good practice is to review every pay run in detail, prior to submitting to HMRC. This can help you to pick up common errors and mistakes.

From the Dashboard tab, you can see the next pay run that is due. You can also see a breakdown, by employee, of the Take Home pay that is due. In addition you will be able to see the total amount owed to HMRC.

If you have not finished setting up your employees, then navigate to the Payroll tab within Ember to complete this process.

If you click the into an individual, you will be able to get a further breakdown of how the Take Home pay is derived.

The Year to date column shows the total amounts paid in the current tax year up to, but excluding, the current month.

The Next Month column shows the total amounts due for the next pay run.

Importantly, the Take Home amount is what employees are due to be paid.

If you click into the Total Owed to HMRC you will be able to see a further breakdown of the amounts due to HMRC by category.

Finally, you are able to see a split of the amounts due to in relation to pensions if you have a scheme set up.

Common changes

Changing gross salary

If the gross salary owed to an employee is incorrect, then you can navigate to the Employees tab, and click into that employee.

From here navigate to the Pay tab and update the given salary.

Note: This would assume that this salary is effective from the start of that month. Ie for an April 2021 pay run, it would assume the pay rise was effective from the 1st April. If this is not the case, please contact support to make an adjustment.

Pension contributions are missing

If you have a pension set up, please jump onto the chat and provide some more information to the team who can get this set up.

Ready to submit

Once you are happy with the amounts due to each employee and the amounts due to HMRC, then you are ready to file.

Navigate to the Payroll tab and in the Dashboard you can see the File Now button.

By clicking this button you will be taken to a summary page, showing the total cost to the business for this pay run.

By clicking File Now again here, you will get one final reminder to double check the payment date of the pay run.

By clicking File Now this final time, you will then lodge all of the required information with HMRC. This sends details to HMRC of the amounts you have paid your employees, and also the amounts that you owed in various payroll taxes.

In addition all of your employees with be sent their payslips to the email address associated with that employee.

After you have completed this process, you will able to find previously submitted pay runs by navigating to the Payroll tab and then into Reports.

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