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Charity contribution - Tax efficiency
Charity contribution - Tax efficiency

Is it better to contribute as an individual or through your limited company?

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Regarding charity, it is better to make these personally if you expect to be a higher rate tax payer or in a position where you can take dividends out of the company beyond the point your income reaches 50k. This it because it then allows you take more dividends out at 7.5% rather then 32.5%.

If you are not a higher rate tax payer and are unlikely to be able to take out that much dividends from the company (would depend how much profit you expect between now and March and your external income) then there is little personal benefit to making the contribution personally. However it is worth saying the charity will benefit as they receive an effective 25% uplift from the government for any donation made assuming they qualify for gift aid.

You then might prefer to make the donation through the company, as although the government don't apply the uplift in this scenario, you would benefit from 19% Corporation Tax relief on the contribution as its an allowable deduction.

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