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Short answers to the most common questions

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Below is a compilation of some of the most common queries we receive. These have been sorted into sections to assist with navigating the article.

Please note, some questions may have an article of their own where the topic is covered in more depth so it's worth searching the help centre and checking those out as well! There may well be some articles linked in the answers below as well

General FAQ

How do I upgrade my Ember subscription?

You can upgrade your Ember subscription via the button in the top right under your company name.

Does Ember provide a registered office address service?

Yes! We have partnered with Hoxton Mix to deliver a best in class registered office address service. Please reach out to our dedicated support team via Intercom if you would be interested in joining.

How do I book a call with an accountant?

If you are on the Unlimited Plan, please reach out to our team via Intercom to book in a call.

For our Pro & Starter plan members, please use the "Chat to an accountant" button on the bottom left of your Ember account or book in via this link

How much can I claim in trivial benefits?

You can claim up to £300 in trivial benefits with each benefit being £50 or less.

How do I claim for use of home?

If you are working from home either as a limited company or a sole trader it is important to understand what you can claim.

If you are a Limited Company, please refer to this article for more information on what can be claimed.

If you are operating as a sole trader, please refer to this article for more information on what can be claimed.

Can I change my company name?

If at some point you wish to change your company name it is possible to do this via webfiling. If you would like assistance with this please reach out to our amazing customer support team via Intercom!

Invoice FAQ

How do I mark an invoice as paid in Ember?

The relevant transaction should be categorised against the outstanding invoice in order for the invoice to show as paid.

Can I make my company logo on the invoice bigger?

Currently this isn't possible. There is a major overhaul for invoice customisation on the way which will make this possible in the future.

Why is the logo on my invoice showing as black?

If your logo is on a transparent background it will show up as black on the invoice. Please remove the transparent background and then upload the image again.

Can I change the number of an invoice?

Before generating your first invoice, you should set the number you want to start from under "Settings > Invoicing". After that, the numbers will generate in order.

As an example, if you set your first invoice number to 50, the next invoice will be 51, 52, and so on.

Am I able to change the bank details on an invoice?

Yes! You can switch the details displayed on the invoice to those of any bank account connected to your Ember account. Please see this article on how to do that.

How do I delete an invoice?

Navigate to the "Sales" tab and click into the invoice you wish to delete. In the top right corner there will be three dots. Click on those, then on "Reverse invoice" and then "Delete".

Categorisation FAQ

How should I categorise payments made to Ember?

This should be categorised under "Accountancy Fees".

How should I categorise a refund?

A refund should be categorised in the same way as the original transaction so that the two transactions net off against each other.

How should I categorise my salary?

Any salary to yourself or your employees should be categorised under "Payroll for...". Do not use "Employee salary & wages" as this will not net off correctly.

How should I categorise the cost of my registered office address?

This should be categorised under "Legal & Professional fees"

How should I categorise domain name/website hosting costs?

The cost of purchasing a domain name or any other website hosting costs should be categorised under "Marketing & PR"

How do I categorise a transfer between accounts?

There is a category called "Transfer between accounts". If you have further questions on this topic please check out this article!

Payroll & Dividend FAQ

How do I add an employee?

To add an employee please navigate to the "Payroll" tab then click on "Employees" and "Add an employee". You will then need to fill out the relevant information.

How do I file a payrun?

In the payroll tab, you will see your upcoming payrun filing. To file this you should click on "File now".

Once filed you will be prompted to turn on automatic payrun filing. If you switch this on, the automated payrun will be filed to HMRC each month automatically.

How do I pay myself or my employees?

You should pay yourself and employees on a monthly basis once the payrun has been filed. This should be done via bank transfer.

This process is not automated or handled by Ember.

How do I make PAYE or NI payments to HMRC?

If there are any PAYE or NIC owed to HMRC, these should be paid via bank transfer to HMRC and categorised as "PAYE & NI owed to HMRC"

The payment information for HMRC, including your unique reference code can be found by navigating to the "My tasks" tab and clicking into the PAYE Payment tile.

What is the most tax efficient salary I can take this year?

Please check out this article. If you have any external income from outside your Limited Company please reach out to our amazing support team via Intercom so we can offer more bespoke advice.

How do I get a P45 or P60 from Ember?

Your P60 will be automatically sent to yourself & any employees via email at the end of each tax year.

If you require a P45 for an employee who is leaving, please reach out to our team via Intercom to notify us of the employee's final date of employment. We will then send the P45 to you.

How do I pay myself a dividend through Ember?

We have made paying yourself a dividend through Ember very simple! You simply transfer the amount from your business account to your personal account and categorise the transaction as "Dividends Paid".

This generates a dividend certificate as well which is viewable by clicking into the transaction.

Where can I find out if I have dividends available to withdraw?

This is viewable under the "Reports" tab on the left hand side of Ember. Click into the "Dividends available to withdraw" option.

Corporation Tax FAQ

Do I need to register for Corporation Tax?

Once you are incorporated and have received your UTR, you should setup a business Government Gateway account. More information can be found here.

Where can I find my company UTR?

You should have received your company UTR by post within the first couple weeks of incorporating. If you no longer have access to this, or never received it you can request that it be sent to you again via this link

What is a CAC?

A CAC is short for Companies House Authentication Code. This is a 6 digit code unique to your company.

Where can I find my CAC?

Your CAC would have been sent to you with your original documents of incorporation. If you no longer have access to this, or never received it you can request that it be sent to you again via this link

Do I need to add my UTR & CAC in Ember?

Please add these numbers into your Ember account under "Settings > Business" as we will require them to file your annual accounts & corporation tax return.

How do I file my annual accounts with Ember?

Please reach out to the Ember team via Intercom if you wish to get started on filing your annual accounts. We will be happy to advise you on the next steps.

How do I know when to file my corporation tax?

You can find your relevant filing dates in Ember in several places:

  • On your homepage

  • Under the "My tasks" tab

  • Ember's proactive messaging will send reminders to your email. Make sure to double check Ember emails aren't ending up in your junk/spam folder as you might miss an important reminder!

Self Assessment FAQ

Do I need to register for self assessment?

If you are operating as a sole trader and earned over £1,000 or if you are the director of a Limited Company with earnings outside your salary, you should register for self assessment. More information can be found here

Do I need to file a self assessment?

Whilst we can offer advice here, it's always best for clients to double check with HMRC if they are unsure. You can do that via this link.

Once that questionnaire is completed, if the response is that you don't need to file, we recommend taking a screenshot of that and saving it in case HMRC contact you down the line.

How do I file a self assessment with Ember?

You can file a self assessment with Ember by navigating to the "My tasks" tab and clicking into the option titled "Self assessment return". For more information on filing your self assessment with Ember, please see this article

Integrations FAQ

Which banks do you support?

A full list of the banks we currently support is included on our website. You can view the page by clicking here.

Please note that accounts such as Mettle which are not included on that list will not be supported at this time.

How do I connect a bank account to Ember?

You can connect your bank account to Ember by heading to the "Settings" tab and clicking on "Manage connections"

Why has my bank account disconnected from Ember?

Your bank account will disconnect from Ember automatically every 90 days per the open banking requirements around security. You can reconnect by heading to "Settings > Manage connections".

How do I delete a bank account connected to Ember?

Please reach out to our dedicated support team via intercom and we will be happy to assist you with this.

How do I connect my company Government Gateway account to Ember?

To connect your company government gateway account with Ember, please navigate to "Settings > Manage connections".

Be advised you can only connect this account if you are VAT registered and have entered your VAT information into Ember under "Settings > VAT".

Does Ember integrate with any other accounting software such as Xero or Quickbooks?

Ember is intended as a standalone solution for all your accounting needs. We do not integrate with other accounting software.

If you are interested in joining Ember, you can create a free account and reach out to our dedicated support team to book a demo of the software and we will be happy to assist you with onboarding.

Please note: Whilst this list covers a lot of the most common queries, it is by no means intended to be exhaustive. If you have a question that you don't see answered here, please feel free to reach out to the Ember team via Intercom for further assistance.

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